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The Parks Division provides tree services such as planting, pruning, removal and designation of Memorial trees along streets, parking lots, residential and commercial areas, parks and open spaces. The Town also regulates the removal of trees from private property.

Municipal Trees

The Town of Aurora has a vast inventory of municipal trees under the management of the Department of Parks and Recreation Services. The Parks Division undertakes a major annual pruning program of roadside street trees throughout the winter months each year, and currently operates on a seven year pruning cycle. The primary objective for tree pruning is to provide for overhead clearance for vehicles and sidewalk pedestrians. The Parks Division has two fully trained and experienced municipal arborists on staff, responsible for 90% of our forestry operations. Due to the extensive tree inventory, we encourage residents to call our office with reports of problem trees, or trees on municipal boulevards which requiring pruning. Our staff will respond to any problem associated with a municipal tree on short notice.

Boulevard Trees

Trees have been planted within the municipal road allowance in your neighbourhood. The species and locations are pre-approved by the Town of Aurora, through either a municipally approved planting plan prepared by the developer, or as selected by the Town's arborists. The Parks Division encourages a diversity of trees on our boulevards and in our community. In addition to the often planted Maple species, you may also see Honey Locust, Gingko Tree, Hackberry, White and Burr Oak, Ash, Ivory Silk Tree, Linden, Turkish Hazel, Buckeye, Chanticleer Pear, Pioneer Elm, Kentucky Coffee Tree and Black Walnut.
Generally, trees are planted in front of each house; exceptions to this are semi and townhouse units where space may be prohibitive. Further, setbacks from light standards, electrical and other services, driveways, sight triangles, etc. may prevent some trees from being planted. Trees planted in new subdivisions will typically be under warranty for two years, and during this time the developer's contractor is responsible for maintenance. At the end of the warranty period, the Parks Division will assume responsibility for their care. Boulevard trees in established neighbourhoods are planted and maintained entirely by the Town's Parks Division.
Boulevard soil in Aurora is mostly clay based and may be poorly drained. For this reason, trees are often planted up to 150mm (6") above the surrounding grade. This is actually a better growing environment for the tree and will help it adapt to the soil conditions. You can assist the Town to create a healthy urban forest by looking after the tree planted close to your property.

Memorial Tree Planting

The Town of Aurora has a Memorial Tree Planting policy to enable the planting or designation of memorial trees on municipal lands within the Town. If you are interested in planting a memorial tree on municipal lands within the Town, please see the link below to review our Memorial Tree Planting Policy. If you have any questions or require further information please call 905-727-3123 ext. 3233.

Injury and Removal of Trees on Private Property

The Town of Aurora is committed to tree preservation in its parks, woodlands and natural areas, as well as on Town streets. As part of its ongoing plan to be an environmentally responsible community, Town Council initiated a By-law #4474-03.D with respect to regulating the injury and removal of trees on private property. The Tree Permit By-law regulates the removal of trees by requiring residents and landowners to obtain a Town permit to remove and replant trees under certain conditions. It also enables the Town to impose fines and penalties for unauthorized removal of trees from privately owned land.

Backyard Tree Planting Program 

The Backyard Tree Planting Program is a partnership involving Aurora, York Region and LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests).
Through a full-service Backyard Tree Planting Program, a LEAF arborist meets with the participant in their backyard to select the best species and location. They teach the homeowner proper tree care and the benefits of trees. LEAF staff will return to plant the trees in spring or fall. The cost of this program ranges from $150-200 per tree (and this amount includes the consultation, tree, and planting service).
The Do-It-Yourself Program, participants complete an online workshop (education portion) and receive email advice on species selection from a LEAF arborist, picks up their tree in the spring or fall from a community event, and then plants the tree themselves.  The cost for this program ranges from $25-$35 for small trees (for pick up) to $100-$150 for large trees (for delivery).
To learn more visit www.yourleaf.org

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