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Aurora Trails Master Plan

[ppm:alt id=1925]Aurora Trails Master Plan (ATMP) Study

The Town of Aurora has completed a Trails Master Plan consistent with Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process. Master plans are long-range plans that integrate infrastructure requirements for existing and future land uses with environmental assessment principles. While the Master Plan addresses need and justification at a broad level, more detailed studies related to some infrastructure components of the Master Plan are expected to be undertaken at a later date as part of Municipal Class Environmental Assessments and/or design feasibility studies for other Town of Aurora infrastructure Projects.

The Aurora Trails Master Plan is a long-term (50 year) plan that builds upon the considerable work already completed by the Town's Trails Sub-Committee of the Parks and Recreation Services Advisory Committee (formerly the Leisure Services Advisory Committee). The Plan focuses on non-motorized, self-propelled trail uses such as walking, cycling, hiking, and cross-country skiing. It takes into account the principally on-road cycling infrastructure that has been recommended in the York Region Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan (2008), and includes best practice design guidelines for off-road trails; policy guidelines for trails planning; recommendations regarding education and promotion programs that support trail use and healthy living; as well as trails planning maps that illustrate a connected trail network and a phased implementation strategy. The study area includes the entire Town of Aurora. The Master Plan is based on the study findings and incorporates comments provided by the public, stakeholders, agencies and Town staff over the course of the study. The implementation strategy provides recommendations on priorities, funding and timing for retro-fitting existing trails and development of new trails. The development of the Aurora Trails Master Plan has been partially funded through a grant by the Ministry of Health Promotion and a contribution by HS Financial Services Inc. A copy of the Aurora Trails Master Plan report has been provided to, and accepted by the Ministry of Health Promotion as a requirement of the Ministry funding agreement.

ArrowTrails Master Plan Final Report (7.26MB) PDF

Please note: Due to the size of the report, downloading may take several minutes.

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Project Manager
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