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Pedestrian Trail System

Oak Ridges Trail marker in AuroraThe Town of Aurora is fortunate to have an extensive pedestrian trail system which connects many of its neighbourhood parks, Town facilities and open space corridors. At present, the Town maintains approximately 25 kilometres of trails.

All Aurora trails are considered multi-use, with the primary focus being pedestrian hikers. Opportunities also exist for cross country skiers. The majority of our trails are compact gravel surfaces with some asphalt sections through neighbourhood and community parks.

Enjoy Aurora's Trail Systems

Come out and enjoy a leisurely hike through the natural valley land setting of mixed forests, meadows and wetland habitats of the Holland River Valley Trail, designed in 2000 as part of the regional Nokiidaa Trail. This trail is Aurora's longest trail corridor stretching from Vandorf Woodlot in the south (Vandorf Sideroad just west of Bayview Avenue), all the way up to St. John's Sideroad at Industrial Parkway North. The trail corridor links municipal facilities such as the Aurora Town Hall, the Aurora Seniors' Centre and the Aurora Leisure Complex, as well as the Aurora Community Arboretum, Sheppard's Bush and Lambert Willson Park. With the completion of the St. John's Sideroad boardwalk and trail, northward just west of McKenzie Marsh, we have now  linked to Newmarket trails and have completed Aurora's final section of the Nokiidaa Trail.

Another significant trail corridor is the Willow Farm, Lakeview and Wimpey Trail system, a trail linking parks and linear open space corridors within the forested hills of St. Andrews in northwest Aurora. The topography is very undulating as the trail rises up to one of the highest points of elevation within Aurora.

Passive, mature forest trails can be experienced in Case Woodlot and Sheppard's Bush as well as the urban and rural sections of the Oak Ridges Trail.

Whatever your choice, lace up, come on out and enjoy some of the finest scenery right here on Aurora's Trail system.


Please download a copy of the 2012 Streets Parks & Trails Map PDF, or drop into Town Hall external link or the Parks Division on Scanlon Court external link to pick up a printed brochure.

Notes of Caution

Please note that our trails are not groomed or maintained during the winter months and conditions vary widely. Surface conditions can change dramatically during the winter to create potentially hazardous hiking and skiing conditions. All users are advised to respect other trail users, stay on designated trails, and exercise caution at all times.

The use of motorized vehicles is strictly prohibited on any municipal trail or parkland. Any person using the Town's Pedestrian Trail System does so at their own risk.

Nokiidaa Trail Connection now open!

The Nokiidaa Trail Connection, connecting the neighbouring municipalities of Aurora, Newmarket and East Gwillimbury opened for use on Friday, June 24, 2011.
The long-awaited trail link combines over 35 kilometers of trails that link the three municipalities. The Nokiidaa Trail was initiated in 2000 as a Special Millennium Partnership project by all three municipalities.
The vision and foresight for the connection of trails came from Newmarket’s resident Mr. Ernie Crossland, who worked to make the trail a reality and a recreation treasure for the residents of all three Towns.

To view pictures of the Nokiidaa Trail connection click on the links below.

Arrow  Photo of Nokiidaa Boardwalk  PDF
Arrow  Photo of Nokiidaa Trail PDF                                                                                                                           

Links to more information:

Arrow 2013 Streets Parks & Trails Map PDF
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