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Capital Plan

In 2011, the Town completed its first ever 10-year Capital Investment Plan with the goal of better planning for the future. Staff have continued to review and update this plan annually and the 2013 version is accessible through the link below.

The document serves as a roadmap for staff and Council when considering not only spending money to buy or maintain capital assets, but also to plan for the funding of the project so that it is available when needed.

The Town currently owns close to five hundred million in assets, some funded from taxes and others funded by utility (water & sewer) rates. These assets are comprised of items such as roads, bridges, buildings, parks, underground water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure, streetlights and vehicles, etc. The Town needs to protect its investment in these assets and the service levels they deliver, through planning for their repair or replacement.

Other than the 2013 budget items shown in the plan, Council has not approved or endorsed any of the specific items in the plan. It is to be used as a reference tool only and represents a consolidation of views of various staff members responsible for maintaining assets and services.


 ArrowCapital Investment Plan 2014-2023 PDF

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