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100 John West Way, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 6J1


Corporate Values

WE (Town Council, staff and volunteers) are committed to working together to protect, support and enrich the quality of life of the people who live, work, and play in the Town of Aurora.

We believe that this commitment can best be achieved, every day, if we adopt and accept some fundamental values.

We also believe that in order to be personally successful in this Corporation, these fundamental values have to be practiced as a way of work. Those who do so will enjoy working and be successful in our organization.

The fundamental values which the Town of Aurora believes are important and critical to our future are as follows:

Quality service

  • We value people who understand that the Corporation's sole reason for existence is to serve the community of Aurora.
  • We value people who every day, actively participate in serving our customers in a friendly, fair, positive, responsive and equitable way, by personally offering the best possible service, given the financial and physical resources available to them.
  • We value people who take personal ownership of customer concerns or challenges and who are willing to go to extraordinary limits in terms of time, energy, and care to achieve positive results and satisfaction.
  • We value people who understand their important role at all times as good ambassadors for the Town of Aurora. 
  • We value people who continuously find ways to improve the service we provide to our customers.
  • We value people who understand that the Corporation's most important policy and expectation is that they will use good common sense and judgment. Logical decision making is encouraged.

Positive working relationships

  • We value honesty and integrity and we expect people to always treat one another professionally and with respect. This leads to mutual trust.
  • We value a Council, staff and volunteer relationship that is positive, open and respectful.
  • We value teamwork because we understand that innovation, creativity and good quality decisions are best nurtured in group exchanges of thoughts and ideas.
  • We consider office politics and gossip to be negative and counter-productive and we commit to try hard every day to rise above this temptation.
  • We believe that positive conflict and discussions are healthy for our organization and we encourage all to resolve issues quickly, professionally and privately.

Open and honest management style

  • We value managers who communicate and share information often, openly and honestly with their staff and who communicate decisions quickly, with supporting rationale.
  • We want managers to be good coaches who can;
    • Actively work with staff to establish team and personal objectives and expectations;
    • Appreciate and recognize good performance;
    • Conduct fair and meaningful performance appraisals;
    • Give frequent feedback on performance so that there are no surprises;
    • Understand the importance of obtaining candid staff input and advice (good or bad); 
    • Deliver one on one criticisms immediately, fairly, constructively and always in private;
    • Encourage employees to develop, improve and upgrade their skills; 
    • Actively solicit the participation and advice of all impacted staff, before decisions are made;
    • Recognize staff who do make positive contributions while seeking solutions and decisions; 
    • Treat their staff fairly and with respect. 
  • We value managers who understand, encourage and support the concept that often the persons best positioned to identify and solve problems, respond to challenges or seize upon opportunities are the persons closest to these problems.
  • We value managers who plan for the future (Where are we today? Are we happy? Where do we want to be 2, 5, 10 years from now? How are we going to get there?)
  • We value managers who really care for their staff and customers and who try every day to demonstrate this commitment to and for the entire Corporation.


  • We value people who are willing to be responsible and accountable for;
    • The quality of their work;
    • The importance of achieving positive results;
    • Their ability to meet or surpass budget expectations and manage the public funds entrusted to them in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Continuous education and training

  • We recognize the need to provide all staff with the encouragement, time and when practically possible, financial support to continuously develop, improve and upgrade their skills so that they can serve our customers in the best possible way.

Safe, healthy and positive work environment

  • We value people who participate in creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, clean, and productive working environment for all staff.
  • We want to provide staff with the best equipment and technology financially possible to assist them in delivering quality results and we welcome suggestions for improvement and advancement in this regard.
  • We value people who subscribe to a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • We value people who naturally try to inject a "positive attitude" into their work environment (despite daily challenges).
  • We value people who are creative, entrepreneurial, tenacious and resourceful.

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